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Horváth è il partner di fiducia per il vostro successo. Con i nostri team di Milano e Roma siamo entusiasti di poter offrire oltre 40 anni di esperienza ai nostri clienti in Italia.

Siamo una società di consulenza manageriale internazionale con oltre 1.400 dipendenti. Supportiamo le aziende ad avanzare strategicamente, sfruttando costantemente il potenziale di crescita, stabilendo strutture e processi efficaci e tracciando una rotta verso il successo. Collaboriamo con i nostri clienti per creare soluzioni pragmatiche, innovative e personalizzate, in linea con le loro specifiche esigenze. È per queste ragioni che aziende nazionali e internazionali provenienti da diverse industrie affidano la loro esperienza a noi, per quanto riguarda tutti gli aspetti della gestione, miglioramento delle performance e trasformazione aziendale.

Horváth CxO News

Our top management publication on current economic trends

Our journalistic publication "CxO News" regularly provides latest insights into topics that move top managers – based on a survey of international executives, proven solution approaches and interviews with leading experts from business, science and politics.

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Special Topics

10 MUST HAVES for highly effective CFOs

A dynamic business environment and changing regulatory requirements force the CFO into a tight spot. To address those requirements, you have to transform towards a best-in-class CFO function. Our 10 MUST HAVES for highly effective CFOs enable you to run a high performance finance organization and to shape the corporate future.

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Pricing: The strongest profit lever

Cost optimization and control are again in the focus of many firms. But we must not forget that the biggest lever for higher profitability is actually pricing.

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A heritage-rich manufacturer of household appliances positions itself for the future with a new target operating model

The company, a global market leader for household appliances – also known as white goods – sought to develop a new target operating model that better positioned itself for the future, at a time of external market pressure and internal challenges. Horváth supported Group leadership in shaping the target structure and developing the transformation approach, and then in implementing these aspects efficiently.

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Targeted change management as a success factor

A successful international energy company headquartered in Switzerland was faced with the challenge of redesigning its finance organization within a short time frame and adapting it to current challenges – while keeping the employees fully on board. To ensure that the transformation was successful, the company opted for a targeted change management strategy, which Horváth supported with a proven approach.

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Point of view

Increasing your topline on the data highway to proactive sales steering

According to Gartner, the Future of Sales will be defined by a continual transformation of organizations’ sales strategies, processes and allocation of resources. This will be accompanied by a move from a seller-centric to a strongly buyer-centric orientation and hyper-automated instead of analog processes, with a digital first engagement with customers.
The essential requirement to ensure buyer-centric and digital engagement with customers is data. Knowing your customers, their behavior and their needs, and identifying the resulting customer value potential, is crucial to properly allocating available resources.

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